Of Mice And Men


Mice & Men Montage

In collaboration with Short Night Films and Rawlins Community High School, we helped Year 11 pupils to bring the English curriculum to life.

The pupils became film directors and underwent the whole process of adapting a classic text into a short film. Having chosen a section of the book Of Mice And Men, the pupils became screenwriters and edited the text, wrote the script, helped to cast professional actors and designed a set.

The set was professionally made by theatre technicians and installed in the school. Professional film directors, camera crew and make up artists helped the pupils bring the words to life.

Pupils became directors of photography, camera operators, lighting technicians and sound operators during the final filming process.

The project also included live interventions around school grounds and a screening event. The finished film was also selected for screening at Warwick Arts Centre.

Watch the short films made here.

This project was made possible by the Arts Council’s Creative Partnerships scheme.


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